Geothermal Systems




Geo Trio Components

Three separate components. One single solution.

Bard is the first to design a multi-component geothermal unit. The Geo-Trio™’s three main parts, A-coil, blower, compressor, are each self-contained. When installed, the units lock together. The end result is one solid unit – similar to a traditional unit, but with more configuration options.

Constructed for easier installation.

Geo Trio Stack

Three pieces means your installer can configure the blower, coil, and compressor in the way that makes the most sense for your home. The unit can be placed almost anywhere – from attic to crawl space. The installer will bring each piece in separately and assemble it in its final location. Whether you have an older home, limited space, or new construction, the Geo-Trio installation is easy.

A better choice. Inside and out.

The advantages of the three component Geo-Trio system do not stop inside the home. The inside unit connects to a system of pipes either buried in the ground or in a pond and utilizes either a closed or open loop configuration. The underground pipes can be installed almost anywhere which means homeowners can enjoy the benefits of the Geo-Trio geothermal system without major yard repairs.

Why a Bard Geo-Trio Heat Pump?

Super high efficiency

  • Step capacity (2-stage) compressor increases efficiency by reducing cycling losses – saving both energy and money
  • The Bard GeoTec delivers four to five times more energy than it consumes


  • Uses R-410A, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • A renewable energy source, using nature’s own solar energy collector, the Earth

Healthier, safer, and more comfortable

  • Reduces indoor air pollutants and provides outstanding humidity control
  • Helps control humidity during short run conditions
  • Quiet operation thanks to a high quality Copeland° Scroll™ compressor and ECM Blower Motor
  • No open flame, fuel storage tanks or flammable fuel and no outside venting