Geothermal Systems





Ground-Breaking Comfort and Efficiency.

Bard Manufacturing is recognized as a pioneer in the geothermal HVAC industry.   Since 1981, Bard has been developing a growing line of geothermal products that utilize a safe, renewable and plentiful energy source.


Ride the Wave of Pure Comfort.

GEO-DELTA  water-2-water unit provides the cozy warmth and cool relief you need to be comfortable – regardless of the weather outside.  The smart design of the GEO-DELTA makes it extremely efficient, and because it used a natural, virtually-endless source of energy, it is environmentally responsible as well.  A stylish design, tightly insulated cabinet and floating compressor isolation place make this geothermal system whisper quiet.


Why a Bard GEO-DELTA Heat Pump?


Super high efficiency

  • Step capacity (2-stage) compressor increases efficiency by reducing cycling losses – saving both energy and money
  • The Bard GEO-DELTA delivers four to five times more energy than it consumes



  • Uses R-410A, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • A renewable energy source, using nature’s own solar energy collector, the Earth


Healthier, safer, and more comfortable

  • Reduces indoor air pollutants and provides outstanding humidity control
  • Helps control humidity during short run conditions
  • Quiet operation thanks to a high quality Copeland° Scroll™ compressor
  • No open flame, fuel storage tanks or flammable fuel and no outside venting


Tax Savings

  • 30% tax credit possible based on your specific tax liability
  • Tax credit may apply to total installation put in service after January 1, 2009