Geothermal Systems


Q-TEC QWS Series

The Q-Tec™ QWS geothermal system is a highly specialize engineered product that is made available through select pre-approved engineered products distributors. Please be sure to contact the Bard factory if you have a project that would benefit from the precision comfort and savings provided by our Q-Tec.

Bard Gets High Marks For School
Application Solutions

A high priority for every school is to create the ideal learning environment. A comfortable physical environment allows students and teachers to focus on learning. Fatigue and short attention spans win out over attentiveness and learning in a classroom that’s too hot, too humid or lacking adequate fresh air.

For over 40 years, Bard has been solving the comfort needs of schools throughout the country with its wall-mounted heating and cooling equipment. Quiet operation, patented ventilation packages and unsurpassed dependability make the choice easy for many school officials. Whether you’re looking for an exterior wall-mounted unit or an interior mounted Q-Tec unit, Bard Manufacturing has your classroom’s climate control solution.

Why a Bard Q-Tec QWS Heat Pump?

Super high efficiency

  • Step capacity (2-stage) compressor increases efficiency by reducing cycling losses – saving both energy and money
  • The Bard GeoTec delivers four to five times more energy than it consumes


  • Uses R-410A, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant
  • A renewable energy source, using nature’s own solar energy collector, the Earth

Healthier, safer, and more comfortable

  • Reduces indoor air pollutants and provides outstanding humidity control
  • Helps control humidity during short run conditions
  • Quiet operation thanks to a high quality Copeland° Scroll™ compressor and ECM Blower Motor
  • No open flame, fuel storage tanks or flammable fuel and no outside venting